Finding Your Bliss . . . Or, How an Economics Quant Can Become a Writer


By Jeffrey Gu, Guest Blogger, Regular College Student


I’m a regular college student. One of those hard-working young adults who will study diligently all day and night just to ace that differential equations midterm.  I might not ace the midterm, of course, but, with my effort, I’d receive a pretty decent grade. And I’d be happy.

But now that I’ve come to the end of my college career, I can for the first time see clearly what is waiting for me at the end of the academic train tracks…or the lack thereof, I guess. Before, my grades seemed like an end in and of themselves, but I’m now reminded that my education is just the beginning. I’m an economics major and I have spent the vast majority of my time in college understanding how different economic models respond to various events and the outcomes that result. I’ve done well in my math and other quantitative classes, but I know for a fact that my career will involve a large component of writing.  It’s what I love.  I imagine my career involving many different kinds of writing, in fact: formal reports and presentations, primers on clean energy or renewable resources, prose writing in blog posts and social media.

So, even with my quantitative background, how can I find a career that is heavy on writing?  And, how can I combine my interests in economics, renewable energy, and writing and find or create a viable career path down the line?


Before I answer that, I’d like everyone to keep one thing in mind:  Experts say that the top ten jobs in highest demand in 2010 didn’t exist in 2004.  Other experts remind us say that 60% of the jobs ten years from now have not been invented yet.  With that in mind, let’s continue discussing how writing can evolve into a job.  What other jobs can a writing-enthusiast pursue?  Oral and written communication ability is an in-demand skill set, which means that great writing will always be a major asset to most jobs, now and in the future.

           Option 1:  Corporate Strategic Writer

As I look for positions where I can become a writer, one position which would be available would be Corporate Strategic Writer.  As I research the career market, I find that corporations are always in need of advertising, marketing, and public strategic communication. Corporate communication can be printed, produced in videos or slide show.  A good corporate writer will bring in fresh new ideas to convey information both internally and externally.  Even when corporations cut back on advertising, top decision-makers will still need to communicate with the employees, with shareholders, ad with the public.

            Option 2:  Social Media Writer

As I continue my research and my path, I also find that the position of Social Media Writer might be available to me.  In addition to the traditional means of advertising, corporation also have begun to use social media to communicate the corporate message.  As a result, many companies now look for competent writers armed with familiarity of these different social media advertising platforms – Indeed, the ability to compose an effective, meaningful, and creative Tweet is an increasingly important skill to possess. Many companies now have blogs on their websites, live-blogging about different news in their industry or product releases of their companies.  Accordingly, a writer might enter into corporate industry by working in social media, which includes a high degree of commercial writing.

            Option 3:  Public Relations Coordinator

A third option would be for me to consider a career as a Public Relations Coordinator.  A public relations coordinator is responsible for media outreach, document and presentation preparation, event support, award publicity, speaking opportunities, and web postings. From a different vantage point, the work of a public relations coordinator targets consumers as well as internal and external stakeholders within the company.


Now back to my path. I’m still not completely sure what I’d like to be doing in twenty or thirty years, but I think I know where to start. I’d like to combine my knowledge of economics, my interests in energy and natural resources, and my love of writing and combine them into a job. Perhaps I’ll work for an energy company, compiling information on electricity markets to produce reports. Perhaps I’ll work for an environmental nonprofit company and compose Tweets and upkeep the blog with environmental and economics-heavy content. Perhaps I’ll work for a government agency, or perhaps I’ll work in market research and produce economic reports. These jobs will bestow skills and knowledge, and with that knowledge I will be able to make more informed decisions on what I plan to do twenty years from now. And to all of my fellow writers out there, keep on writing.



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