Your Guide to Working with A Legal Recruiter

Your Guide to Working with A Legal Recruiter

How A Legal Recruiter Can Help You!!

When it comes to the job search, many attorneys will turn to a legal recruiter for help, as they are the top employees to land you a job. This complete guide will prepare and inform you on what it is like to work with a premier legal recruiter. We will discuss what a legal recruiter is and what they can do to serve you. This article will also provide the best tips to help you select a legal recruiter that is a perfect match for your goals and motives.

Do I Need A Legal Recruiter?  Yes!!!

The first question in legal recruiting is: Do I even really need a legal recruiter? The answer is always going to be yes. A recruiter is an advocate who can work with you in getting your resume in front of the most powerful employers. The best legal recruiters spend years developing these relationships with law firms for the benefit of their clients. More than that, a recruiter is also someone who acts as a screening tool for law firms by gaining more details other than a cover letter, which can explain gaps in employment or current leave-of-absence.  As you might imagine, recruiters will work with many different types of candidates.  However, the legal recruiter / law firm associate candidate relationship is most effective when a candidate is academically strong and has fantastic experience, as, typically, employers are seeking outstanding candidates.

Best Practices in Legal Recruiting!

Typically, a legal recruiter will follow best practices to get you working for a major, top law firm. The first step in the recruiting process allows the legal recruiter to evaluate if you have all the necessary qualifications to be placed with a major law firm. If you are qualified, you will move on to the following three steps of the legal recruiter getting to know you. The fifth step will only happen if the law firm likes your application and feels the need to schedule an interview with you. If you do land an interview, the next five steps following only happen if the law firm is still interested and wants to move forward within in the interview process.

Why Will Legal Recruiters Help You?

So why should you be talking to a legal recruiter if you are engaged in the hiring process? A legal recruiter will help direct your search and can help you at each step.  Further, a legal recruiter will help you know when you’re making a mistake and will help you fix it. Even if you are not seriously thinking of looking for a new job right now, you will benefit in finding the best legal recruiter for you in advance.  This is because finding the right fit for a candidate-law firm relationship can take up to a year of recruiting, so starting now will help you be prepared for if and when that dream position opens up down the road.

What Is Required of You?

After you select a legal recruiter for your hiring process, you need to know how to get the most out of your legal recruiter.  A legal recruiter can’t and won’t do all of the work. They need you to do your part as well, by being honest and enthusiastic about your profession. If you do not display enjoyment by being an attorney, then do not expect the recruiter to be able to make you like your job or convince a law firm that you do love your job—because they won’t buy it. As you know, in any job search or interview situation, your legal recruiter wants you to be a success, because your success reflects on him or her.  As a result, as a candidate, you must “help” the legal recruiter “help” you – you will need to provide your legal recruiter the requested documents, to listen to suggestions, to be honest, helpful, and enthusiastic.

Why Lexacount Search?

Here, at Lexacount Search, we have the best Legal Search Consultants who can assist you in finding the perfect match for you and your career.  Our legal recruiting team will take the time to get to know you, your experience, and your goals. With our well-rounded research, we will assist you at every step of the law firm hiring, giving you the best advantage.  Or, if you prefer, you can look for the opportunity which you think would be the best fit for your experience in reviewing our complete list of open opportunities here.

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