How to be Absolutely Essential at Work


No matter who we are or what our titles are with our company, all of use certainly want to be essential at work. Why?  Because work is not just a means to the end, it can bring meaning and significance to that part of our lives. After all, we spend countless hours at work, we invest a lot into it, we make sacrifices, we get frustrated with failures, and we celebrate successes and promotions. It is a vital part of our lives; therefore, it is to our best advantage to be essential and effective at work. As a part of this formula, how you view your work and your employer matters, but more importantly how does your employer and how do your work colleagues view you? Are you that person the company “cannot function without” or are you just appreciated for how you help around?  Below find our top five ways that you can become absolutely essential at work.

Seek Excellence

To be essential, you have to be excellent and seek excellence.  You must work to your highest effort and try to improve each day and week, and, you must work hard and work smart.  If you commit to these efforts, your company and your peers will notice.  With this effort, you should be able to do your best work, and go the extra mile if needed.  When you always seek to put your best foot forward, you will deliver work product that is better.  When you consistently deliver better work product, you will build your reputation for consistence and excellence and your leaders and peers will turn to you.

Be Efficient/Prioritize Tasks

To be essential, you have to be effective at what you do.  Efficiency is what your colleagues and management expect from you and it is why you were hired. As much as we would like to think that we are effective most of the time, the reality is that we are not. In today’s world, it is rather common to “multi-task” and have a couple of things going at the same time. For some people, this works perfectly and it increases their productivity. For others, it only adds more distraction. Prioritizing and completing your tasks with efficiency will benefit you more than multi-tasking can. If you think about it, you really are performing one job at a time even while multi-tasking. You are just switching back and forth instead. That is why prioritizing your tasks can become a key factor in your efficiency. Being able to focus completely on one task, with no other distractions, will not only get the job done but it will produce a good work.

Go The Extra Mile

Another aspect of being essential at work is how much you put on the table. You will find that the most essential employees are not the ones that just get their tasks completed.  Essential employees are willing to go that extra mile with their work. Doing the bare minimum and clocking out will probably not give your coworkers a long-lasting impression of what a great employee you are. If you want to be essential at work, you have to be willing to do more than what is expected sometimes. It is the small things like offering to volunteer with a project, helping out other workers when they need help, communicating well, taking on a little extra work once in a while and so forth, which can separate you from your colleagues. These traits will definitely work to your advantage regardless of how tiring they may sound. They will get you the next exciting project, the invitation to higher-level meetings and more likely a promotion. Taking a little extra at work will certainly not leave you as an ordinary worker.

Have a Great Attitude

A key factor factor that most people regard as unnecessary to be essential is a good attitude. Our attitude has impacts on us and others more than what we normally assume. It affects how we communicate with others, our productivity, our willingness to work, how approachable we are, and our outlook or perspective. You obviously know that you would rather not work with the guy that complains all the time, hates coming to work, appreciates pretty much nothing, is never willing to help you out and he would rather be somewhere else all the time. It does not matter if he has all the skills and experience it takes to do the job. His attitude will not only affect him but your attitude of coming to work as well.  Therefore, it is crucial to have a good and positive attitude.  Considering the impact it has on the workplace and how contagious it can be, a great attitude can be your best friend!

Become an Expert

To be essential, you have to have superior knowledge.  That means that you have to stay informed about the current trends in your industry and in the market at large.  Take courses about changes and trends in your industry.  Stay current with the news, read the newspaper to connect with current business and economic trends.  Choose a few industry experts that are well-known in your area and follow what they have to say.  When you have the most up-to-date and current information, your leaders and your peers will turn to you for market information, news and advice.  They will come to rely on your expertise and your knowledge, making you essential to the success of the group and company.

At the end of the day, you have to remember that you reap what you sow.  An employee that puts his or her best effort to the job, takes all the necessary steps and does not settle for minimum expectations works towards success. You want to be the person that makes a difference in the workplace and that does not come with no cost. To add value, you have to put effort into your success of the workplace. Sometimes, it will require taking risks and doing things you would rather not. However, the payoff in the long run is worth the investment both for you and where you work at.




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