How to Hire the Right Person for Your Law Firm or Company!

How to Make Great Hiring Decisions!

As a law firm or an employer, it is crucial to get the best employees that you possibly can for your organization. These individuals ensure value-driven customer service, are the face of your company, and help ensure that day-to-day tasks are completed effectively. For this reason, when you hire your attorneys and employees, you should be looking for a great fit. Often, however, law firms and employers have trouble making that determination.  Indeed, the employees a firm or company brings in should integrate into the institution’s lifestyle.  In fact, these organizations will say that their biggest mistake is bringing the wrong people onto their staff.

In evaluating a potential attorney or employee, first, an organization will review a candidate’s experience and qualifications.  In addition, an organization will examine personality as well.  After the resume or other documentary review, a law firm or company usually will use the job interview as the final basis for evaluation.  Although interviews are important, a potential employee’s personality and work ethic are more complicated and often not readily apparent than what is showcased in an interview. Therefore, improving the search and interview process for appraising candidates is crucial for efficiency, employee happiness, and profitability.

1. Improve Job Description Details

To attract and select outstanding talent, be sure to outline in detail what the job entails. Your organized internal processes and clear definition of specific job requirements will help bring successful hires through the hiring process. Building up a well-worded job description and understanding the value of the open job post become very important aspects when looking for a well-equipped employee.

2. Define and Contain the Length of the Interview Process

Keep in mind that it is a good idea to limit the number of interviews that will be conducted. Scheduling unnecessary meetings can waste the time of candidates and your work team’s efficiency. Attempt to schedule people who best fit the basic requirements to cut back on the number of job interviews. Or, find the best flexible attorneys or employees already within your organization who are willing to take on other responsibilities outside of their assigned roles.

3. Treat Candidates Like Clients/Customers

Friendliness, compatibility, and adaptability are other key characteristics that are important traits necessary for great talent for your company.  Indeed, in some instances, employers perceive friendliness to be equally as important as skills/experience. For example, if you perceive that the candidate appears like he or she will not get along with clients and/or their potential coworkers, it would be ill-advised to hire him or her.

In contrast, to find the right individual(s) for the open position(s), treat all candidates like customers. These candidates want to feel like they belong in your company. During the process, make sure that everyone who has applied has a decent shot at showing you his or her worth. Also, after you have made your decision, always be sure to give some closure or a follow-up to applicants. This practice can also improve your company’s reputation.

4. Know Thyself

During the hiring process, knowledge of your organization’s culture becomes vital in identifying clients who can relate to the company with their values and proper skill sets (Kaiser).  Indeed, an ideal candidate would have a presence that matches the experience, work, and social environment of the workplace.  Many executives do not have a comprehensive understanding of their own positive qualities and/or the positive qualities of others within their institution. They do not understand what those strengths mean and how to embody them.  As a result, they sometimes find it challenging to find those qualities in the candidates before them when they interview.  Improving the interview process to identify and highlight those qualities in candidates is imperative.

Hence, there are some crucial tips/questions you should consider before deciding upon on a new hire:

– Values

Does the candidate believe in the same values and goals as your company? Will he or she be able to adapt to the company’s culture and get along with others?  Interviews are opportunities to scout out top candidates. It is highly effective if you utilize a consistent set of questions for every interview. Furthermore, include your existing employees and think about their opinions. To really gain insight regarding an individual, invite him or her to come in for a day to see the candidate in action. You will then observe how your potential team works together.

– Experience

Does the candidate possess the efficient amount of experience to develop your team and your business? The right professional should provide this wisdom for immediate and anticipated needs.

– Team Skills

Is your team lacking certain skills? Does the candidate have those certain traits that you want for this job position? Have you examined the good skills of your existing employees/team to know where the gaps are? Obtaining this data within your company will ensure that you stay objective throughout the hiring process (Kaiser).

– Move Quickly

Lastly, if you have found a great fit for the job, hire him or her as soon as possible. Be fast. There are companies who believe they can wait a long time and gather a few strong candidates before finalizing that hiring decision. It is better to finish the process up quickly before the promising candidate agrees to another employer’s offer.

Employing strong individuals is definitely a major challenge that organizations need to handle, but it is also a very fulfilling opportunity. Accomplishing this feat the first time around will save you expenses and time.


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