How to Interview . . . Or, What Does Your Body Language Say . . .


There is a common saying that goes, “actions speak louder than words” and that is most certainly the case during job interviews.  The interview for any position is a vital predictor of whether your will receive an offer. Being able to appropriately engage with your interviewer, state your skills and speak your ideas and experiences fluently are very important things to remember. But let’s start at the beginning as soon as you meet your interviewer, the handshake.


First impressions are very important in many aspects of life as well as during the interview. A firm handshake can show confidence, strength and practice. Although it may seem strange to practice shaking hands with others, it is highly recommended that you practice in order to make sure your handshake is not flimsy but also doesn’t cut off the other person’s circulation.

Eye Contact:

The next factor regarding body language during an interview should be the eye contact. Make sure you are making eye contact with whoever is speaking to you, not only will that show confidence but also it will show that you are actually listening and understanding what they are saying to you. Make sure to not stare at the floor or out in space which may express self doubt or disinterest,


Almost every person has a certain action that they perform unconsciously when introduced to an uncomfortable setting. Whether it be playing with your hair, nails or clothing, fidgeting can be very distracting for the interviewer. One may not notice that they are doing the action but everyone around them does and begins to solely focus on that rather than what you are saying and trying to show regarding your qualifications for the position. In the end instead of remembering all the skills and experiences you could bring to the company the interviewer may just remember that you tap your pen on the table continuously instead!

Body posture:

Posture is always important, the position your legs, hands and core are facing can tell others a lot about how you are feeling. You must find a body position that is comfortable for you as well as positively viewed by others.  Remember not to get too comfortable though, this I still a professional interview. A proper posture could include straight back, flat feet on the ground and hands on the table or on your lap. Make sure you are not holding anything because that could lead to fidgeting unintentionally and can be a distraction


A final and simple element during an interview is smiling. Smiling at any person in general makes the atmosphere less tense and even relaxes yourself! Make sure to smile upon meeting your interviewer and show that you are enthusiastic about the position as well as thankful for their time and the opportunity. Smiling does not need practice or costs you anything but can definitely change the mood in the room and allow for continuous conversation.



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