I Can’t Get Anything Done At Work! 

5 Biggest Distractions That Will Zap Your Work Productivity

No matter the day of the week, the time of day, or who you sit near in the office — all of us are guilty of succumbing to distractions at work. They are hard to escape, and even harder to ignore — especially if they’re just a mouse-click away. The truth is, none of us is completely attentive to their work 100% of the time. But, if you need help in avoid time-draining distractions — it’s important to identify them first.

There are so many disruptions around the office, but these are the 5 biggest distractions that are guaranteed to zap your productivity.

1.  Social networking.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter are, hands-down, the BIGGEST distractions at work. Yes, some people who handle social media for their firms must be on these platforms. But if you really don’t need to be checking status updates and pictures from last night, log off at least until your lunch break.

2.  Job hunting.

This happens more often than most people think it does. If you’re not satisfied with your job — particularly if you don’t feel challenged — chances are you are spending an awful lot of time searching for another position.

3.  Responding to personal texts.

Forget phone calls; texts are bigger disrupters. Our phones are almost never turned OFF, therefore incoming texts can be constant throughout the day. Many people feel that they have to respond — but when this happens, it takes a while to get focused and back in the game.

4.  Online shopping.

If you are guilty of this, you’re not alone. It is tough to tell people they can’t shop online during work hours when they see their bosses doing it. More than half (53%) of senior managers—defined as “C-suite executives, vice presidents, directors, managers, and supervisors” —admit they’ll use company time to go cyber-shopping, says CareerBuilder’s 2014 Cyber Monday survey, versus 46% of professional and entry-level staffers who say the same.

5.  Multi-tasking.

Believe it or not — this one of the biggest, and most common, unproductive time-drains.  People too often assume that they actually do multiple things at once. They don’t. Instead, they hop back and forth among tasks. Taken to an extreme, it’s debilitating and can leave you too responsive to what everyone else expects. Learn to say “no” nicely when you can’t give the task the attention it requires.

According to Dr. Edward Hallowell, a leading researcher in attention and author of the new book Driven to Distraction at Work, you can eliminate focus problems with a five-part approach: energy, emotion, engagement, structure, and control. You need all of them to succeed.

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