I’m Looking for a New Job . . . Can A Recruiter Help Me?

General FAQs About Working with a Recruiter

“The wand chooses the wizard.” (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone).

These memorable words from Mr. Ollivander to Harry Potter can be applied to the real and somewhat less exciting world of employment. In other words, the job chooses you.

But how is that?

Full of questions, you may be thinking to yourself, “I’m looking for a new job, and I’m new to the job search process . . . But, how does it all work?  How does the job choose me?  Can a recruiter help me?  Can a recruiter help the job choose me?”  The answer is yes, a recruiter can help you and can help the job choose you.  Indeed, a recruiter who specializes in your field specifically can help you find the job that is the perfect fit.  In understanding the industry overall and in working with specific clients, he or she can show you positions for which you are qualified and work with you on the application process.  In helping with that process, below are some general questions and answers about how, in working with a recruiter, a recruiter can help the right job choose you:

Q: Where can I find recruiters?

A: According to The Wall Street Journal, look close to home first: your network of professionals. The more experienced people in your network have probably worked with recruiters in the past. Don’t be shy about asking those professionals if they can refer you to recruiters they know.

Another way to solicit your network’s opinion is by chatting with people in your area of expertise. Ask your peers which recruiting firms their employers have utilized.

Through LinkedIn, members can easily view the profiles of recruiters. Click on the “Advanced Search” tool, which is located towards the top of the home page. Under “Industry,” check the “Staffing and Recruiting” option, type in a keyword (such as a specialty), and then hit the search button. Many profiles will appear, and you can now browse through various recruiters.

It’s also advisable to look through recruiter directories. A few free online directories include RileyGuide.com, SearchFirm.com, and i-recruit.com.

Q: What do recruiters provide for job seekers and candidates?

A: Recruiters guide candidates through the application process for various positions and help candidates understand what happens next. The experience of the candidate and recruiter working together is a very personalized one; the recruiter wants to be sure that you are good fit for the position being offered.  Recruiters also have a deep understanding of an organization. They want you to join the growth of a company and experience the opportunities that could be awaiting you.

Q: Can I (the jobseeker) hire recruiters?

A: No, the employer is the one who hires recruiters. Therefore, although not required to guide you in your job search, many recruiters will go out of their way to help you and help the job choose you.

Q: What is the difference between internal/corporate recruiters and external/independent recruiters?

A: An internal/corporate recruiter is an employee of the employer that he or she represents. An internal recruiter’s office is typically within that corporation or on the employer’s property.

An external/independent recruiter does not work under the employer who has the open job. Instead, an external or agency recruiter typically works for a recruiting agency or firm.

Internal recruiters can only show a job seeker a limited amount of opportunities within one organization, whereas an external recruiter can give a candidate a wide range of choices.

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