I’m Traveling So Much, I Don’t Have Time To Network. What Do I Do?

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Sky Networker

In this day and age, networking can take place practically anywhere, including in the sky. Whether you are a consultant, business person or constantly traveling, you can infuse networking into your daily or weekly agenda. Use opportunities en route to and from the airport, waiting to board the plane or on the plane to mobilize your networking objectives.

Listed below are helpful tips on how you can maximize your time and be effective in connecting and building relationship with others.

Membership Perks

Take advantage of the perks associated with being a frequent flyer or having a credit card with your trusted airline company. Find ways to upgrade your status or add on additional services for better and convenient travel. In the process of doing this, it can expose you to other customers with who have similar services. Also, benefit from exclusive lounges and areas to connect with colleagues and counterparts.

Arms Distance

It is always a good idea to start dialogue while waiting to board the plane or en route to the airport via shuttle or transportation services. Without being too invasive, strike up a conversation with someone near you. Ask general open ended questions such as: Are you traveling for business or pleasure? Do you travel often? Where are you headed? What is your field or industry of work? How do you stay connected while traveling? You never know who you will meet or who can offer the right referrals, leads or introductions so make sure you have business cards or exchange information.

Air Time

While 40,000 feet in the air, you have a unique opportunity to focus on your networking without many interruptions. Use the flight time to organize your calendar, search for upcoming networking events or follow up with individuals you have already met. Surf on social media outlets to find new connections or re-connect with existing people in your networks.

Hopefully, these useful tips can provide guidance on your networking journey to success. There are no boundaries and the sky is the limit.

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