Do Challenges Make You Grow Professionally?

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Appreciate Challenges – The 7 Things Challenges Teaches You At Work

Ever appreciate challenges that come your way? Ever thought it can have a positive impact on you? When things get tough in the office, you can learn a lot from it.

In fact, you get away much richer in experience than you would know. Think about it this way, challenges are free lessons for experiences you can use for the rest of your life. How can challenges be positive?

1. Forces You To Be Creative
Challenges force you to be creative with the way you tackle an issue. You need to figure a way out of the predicament you are in and almost always, there will be a resource issue. Challenges can stem from not enough people, not enough materials, tools, budget or even time. That’s when you start to be resourceful. Learn to appreciate challenges, it makes you more creative when it forces you to figure a way out.

2. Weeds Out The Weak
If you are the competitive sort, you must thank challenges. One, it helps you prove yourself to yourself. What are you made up of? This is your chance to test yourself. See how far you can go and how much you can take. Besides that, if you are the sort that likes competing with others, challenges weeds out the weak, the non creative and the not motivated. Here’s your chance to stand out. That would make you appreciate challenges, wouldn’t it?

3. Gives You A Sense Of Achievement
When you are able to overcome challenges, you feel a sense of achievement. When you are able to tackle the problem successfully it tells you the kind of envelope you can push with yourself. Something you can use to continue to make yourself better each time you take on new projects and new assignments. But what if you fail? Wouldn’t that be devastating?

4. A Learning Opportunity
If you fail, use it as a learning opportunity. It presents both sides of benefits. When you have less than desirable results, you learn from it. What everything is well, what can be better. So you learn from the experience to be wiser. Challenges present a lot of scenarios for you to learn, you just need to see it in your mind what they are.

5. Receive Better Than Resist
Sometimes, challenges also teaches us what we should push on and when we should give up. It teaches us when we should accept the results. It also teaches us to know our limits. When we appreciate challenges, it teaches us the experience of when to quit and when to forge ahead. Sometimes, it is truly better to receive than to resist.

6. Builds Confidence
The sense of achievement, the sense of when to quit and when to push builds your confidence. When we have experience and the wisdom to know what to say when, we have confidence. This type of confidence only comes with experience and wisdom of having done it. Appreciate challenges because it build confidence in us that money cannot buy.

7. Discover Yourself
More importantly, to truly learn to appreciate challenges, you must learn from it with humility. Because you have failed at facing challenges before, it makes you feel vulnerable. To truly appreciate challenges and the lesson it teaches, you must learn humility. You discover your strengths and weaknesses. It teaches you to be mature. You learn to discover yourself.

Learning to appreciate challenges is not easy, because we have a tendency to want the easy way out. Who does not want to take the path of least resistance? But when we have no alternative routes, take on the challenges. See how it makes you a better person.

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