I Have A New Job — What Can I Do To Show Value And Be Good At My Job?

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Being Good at Your Job – Stop Creating Excuses and Start Creating Reasons

How do you start being good at your job? For one thing, it is time to stop creating excuses for your mediocrity and start creating reasons to excel. Being good at your job takes commitment and it takes hard work. Not lip service that most mediocre employees dwell in.

I am overworked. I don’t have enough time. My work-life balance sucks. I need some rest. I hate my job. I am not doing what I love. I don’t know what I want. I hope my boss understands me. I wish I have more money to pursue my dreams. This is not easy. You don’t lead my life. My situation is different. There are too many demands on my life. I am stretched beyond my limits. I wish I canquit now but I need the job. I am just buying time. If only I went to a better school. If only I went to school. If only I was born in a better family.If you are not very good at your job, do you find yourself making these excuses? Perhaps if you dwell in these or any of these, it is time to stop. Otherwise, you will never be good at your job.

You can add to the list. But do you think adding to the list on top will make you any better at being good at your job? I don’t think so. So stop creating excuses. It is not going to bring you anywhere except to wallow yourself deeper into the recesses of hopelessness. Self created hopelessness.

Instead, do the exact opposite. Start writing a list on how you can do better. Here’s what is working for me that can help you get started on being good at your job.

1. What Is Your Role at Work?
Do you understand your role in the office?  What are you doing?  What should you be doing?  What are your peers doing?

2. Educate Yourself About Your Industry 

Spend time reading up about your work. In this day and age, the internet provides you everything you need to know about any industry. Start reading and understanding what your industry does and where does your company fit in. Then ask yourself where do you fit in? Find meaning in your job for yourself.

3. Have a Goal
Where do you want to be in the short term, medium term and long term? Granted, not all of us know where we want to be even in the medium term. But you should at least know where you want to be in the short term, no? Well, visualize that goal. Then find the things you need to do in order to reach that goal. My guess is that regardless of your goal you will need to strive to be good at your job to get there – even if your job is unrelated to your goal. My rationale is simple, you probably need the salary to keep you going and the job isn’t going to last if you are not good at it.

At the end of the day being good at your job takes a lot more reasons than excuses. It takes commitment and sweat. Not complaints and sweet talk.

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