How Do I Get To Be A Great Leader?

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Traits of a Good Leader – Learn These Traits and Start Practicing Them To Be Promotable

What are the traits of a good leader? To say these are traits seem to indicate that they are born with them. I am using the term traits loosely and not in the academic sense of how professors who study leadership would describe. The traits I have listed are observed in the years I have been working and also as someone who has been leading teams.

It is like throwing a pebble in the lake and the resulting wave hits all the banks. The effects are immense and being able to have such positive impact on so many people is great.One of the best benefits of having the traits of a good leader is being able to inspire. You get to bring out the best in people and along the way get the best out of yourself too.

To be a good leader that can affect good changes in people, these are the traits a good leader you should posses, learn and internalize.

1. Being In The Moment
This means being aware of the surrounding and knowing what is happening in the current moment. Some people say, this is in accordance with the flow of things. Good leaders have an ability to be here and now. He knows he is being pulled in all directions but yet appreciate the smoothness of things that happens around him. He is not affected and slows down when others are rushing around him.

2. Calmness
Another traits of a good leader is that he refuses to believe that nastiness and bully techniques are needed in the business world. In an environment where people use anger and force to do things and get what they want, he bucks the trend with calmness and kindness. He knows that such toxicity does not have a place in the workplace.

3. Accepting, Not Resisting
Good leaders work with what there is and not complain. He accepts and works with resourcefulness rather than complain about the lack of resources. He accepts what he has and not resist things that he cannot change even while he initiates changes that has huge repercussions later. Thus, he develops a sense of humility because of the realization of his limitations even while he may carry the title. He knows eventually he is alone and can only do so much and that the conditions much be right before things come to fruition.

4. Courage
One traits of a good leader is courage. The courage referred here is not about fighting, but standing a leader’s ground when things are uncomfortable. A good leader knows when not to avoid issues. He can confront them without anger and has the skillfulness to handle sticky situations. A good leader does not take the shortcut and hide behind employees or bosses when faced with challenges. They have courage.

5. Confidence
Supreme confidence is one of the traits of a good leader. This confidence isn’t one about the ability to do things or tackle challenges. More than that, it is the quality of not being blown by The Eight Winds. In eastern culture, The Eight Winds are known as – praise and ridicule, honor and disgrace, gain and loss, pleasure and misery. A good leader knows everything is impermanent. Whether he is praised or ridiculed, it changes as time changes. There is no need to be too happy when praised and there is no need to be too angry when ridiculed.

6. Energy
The other traits of a good leader is energy. This energy is about the commanding presence that can be felt and a control that needs not be stated. This energy inspires others, even when no word is spoken. For this leader there is no need for drama, and to show presence.

Traits of a good leader – these are the ones that you need to practice and internalize if you want to be promotable to the next level.

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