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The Answer To Your Dream Job Maybe In Creating It Rather Than Finding It

Creating your dream job, is it possible? I am not talking about starting your own business; I am talking about creating a dream job with your current job.

Let’s look at some criteria that may help in creating your dream job where you are now.Is there a way to do this? Why look elsewhere unless you have tried to make the current job a dream job? Wouldn’t that be easier? This is of course, I am assuming you aren’t that unhappy with your current job, wouldn’t it be worth a try to make it a dream job?

1. What Does The Work Mean To You?
Usually people who do not find meaning in their work find work dread or they begin to hate their work. Can you put meaning in your current work? What does the work you are doing now mean to you? Is it helping you meet financial obligations? Is it helping save lives out there in some small way? For example, if you are a janitor in a hospital, your work meaning can be huge. You are helping keep the hygiene of the hospital and hence keeping people healthy. See if you can work some meaning into your job.

2. How Much More Will Make You Happy?
The $64,000 question, isn’t it? I assure you that no matter how much you are paid, you still want to be paid more. But let’s assume there is a figure you have in mind for the kind of work you are doing. Have you considered asking for a raise? Or are you just complaining all day and not doing anything about it? Do you know the market rate for your kind of work? Go on, this is one step in creating your dream job.

3. Where Is The Balance?
Work life balance is a subjective matter. What is balance to you and what is balance to me are totally different things. We all have our priorities and we all want a certain lifestyle outside of work. Some may be willing to sacrifice some personal time for the sake of climbing the corporate ladder. Others may not. If your current work life balance is out of sync, what sort of balance do you need? How much more can you get? Have you tried talking to your boss? Is it a resource issue at work that should be highlighted? You could be doing two persons work. And that issue may be something that is solvable if you highlight it.

4. Anybody Likes You?
How are your relationships at work? Are they cordial? Do you like your boss? What about your department colleagues? If there is no way around this, can you switch departments or ask for a transfer? Maybe this is a little tough to solve as far as creating your dream job is concerned, but at the very least it is food for thought. Can you be the source of the problem? If it is, perhaps this is a good opportunity to reflect?

5. Do You Have Fulfillment?
We all feel fulfilled in our job when we have made contributions and when the contributions are met with appreciation. Are you getting it? How can you get it? It is giving feedback to your manager? Perhaps the manager does not harbor any ill will. You could be doing him a favor by telling him how to appreciate his subordinates.

6. Do You Want To Be In Charge Of More Work?
Maybe creating your dream job is about getting more responsibility. You do not feel challenged anymore. Do you get any? Have you spoken to the people in charge about giving you more responsibility? Can you lead? Taking ownership of a project is a good way of assuming more responsibility.

It’s worth a try creating your dream job where you are now, and if you are going to quit anyway, this could the last shot. What do you have to lose? That said, are you complaining too much that you are missing the point? Perhaps the work isn’t the problem, but you are. If you are the cause then wherever you go, the problem will follow.

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