Leveraging Your Network – Using Social Media in Your Job Search


Finding a new job can be difficult in any economy, and with the current economic conditions, it is even more different.  Today, more than ever before, there is increased competition for every open opportunity a firm or a company posts.  With this in mind, it is very important for any job seeker to use all the resources at one’s disposal to find the perfect job.  One tool many people don’t effectively leverage, however, is social media.  Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others can be powerful when searching for your perfect job.


LinkedIn is an obvious tool.  As the premier site dedicated to connecting and helping professionals network with one another, it is the site where likely you will have the greatest success.  While many people have nice profiles set up on this site, few of them actually use it properly for finding a job.  When you’re actively job hunting, log on to LinkedIn and use some of the features such as asking for a reference or a recommendation.  Many former co-workers will be more than happy to write up a quick recommendation, and that can make a huge difference when applying for jobs.  Browse through employer profiles to find the company where you want to work and target them when they have open opportunities.  Further, join different groups for professionals in your field to begin networking more effectively.


While most people think of FaceBook as a social network that is useful for keeping up with friends and family, it can also help you find your next job.  The simplest thing to do is alter your status to ‘looking’ and on that post include a note that you would appreciate it if your friends and family would pass on any information about available jobs.  Many employers offer bonuses for referring friends so your FaceBook friends will likely be more than happy to try to get you in with their employer.


While you won’t have enough room to post an entire resume, you can quickly send out a tweet to your followers letting them know you’re looking.  People can then reply with links to jobs they are aware of online, or give you instructions on how to find a new position at the company where they work.

The Power of Social Media

There are dozens of other social media sites out there and if you have friends or followers on them, make sure to reach out to everyone and ask for help finding that new job.  Most friends, family, peers, and colleagues will be happy to help if they are able, and those who cannot, likely will not ignore your post.  Rather, they will send your information to a peer or colleague of theirs that can.  Or, they will often send it to a recruiter connection in your chosen industry.  Indeed, using social media to leverage your contacts to network with peers, colleagues, and recruiters in your chosen field can bring you limitless opportunities.  The power of social media is that you can quickly post to a wide audience or receive current and up-to-date posts from a wide audience and interact with them directly.


Although often overlooked, social media can be an important tool to help you further your job search.  People use social media when they are in need and people use social media to help those that are in need.  Your friends, family, peers, colleagues, and recruiters understand that, if you are in need, you will reach out for help.  And, they also understand the reverse – that, if you can help someone your network, you will.  If you are looking to make a transition and change jobs, you can capitalize on the knowledge and resources of all your social media contacts, including recruiters.  In today’s competitive job market, using social media, in conjunction with working with recruiters, to get your foot in the door is a great way to find a new job.



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