What IS Your Dream Job Description?

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Dream Job Description: Have You Ever Tried Writing One?

Have you ever tried writing your dream job description? If you have not, how do you know what your dream job is? Now, I am addressing this specifically to people who are always talking about that one ideal job where they can do less and get more.

If you know your dream job description which to me comes with a designation on it, good for you. That means like a teacher, soldier, medical officer, policeman, nurse, or an advertising executive in an ad agency. Then, this article is not for you.

1. Have You Tried Writing It?
This article is for those of you who are always dreaming of the dream job but have never written it down. If you have not written it down, how do you know what your dream job is? If it is not written, it doesn’t count. That few sentences in your mind does not count and would not work because it would be tough to match with what’s out there in the market.

Now, IF you actually write it down, at the very least it is a reference point to find and to match that, isn’t it? Like a goal, a destination, you know where to go find it. Now if you cannot even write your dream job description how do you expect to you know where to find that elusive job?

2. What Is The Objective?
Let’s start with this, what is the objective of the dream job? What do you plan to achieve with it? More time with your family? More money but less time? Make the world a better place? Less hungry children? Fame? Be clear about what is it that you are trying to achieve with this dream job.

3. How Will It Be Fulfilling?
Then address how can the job help satisfy you. How will this be a fulfilling job for you? For a job to be fulfilling, you need to know you are contributing significantly and also being appreciated by the people who matters to you. So, in your dream job description, who would you have helped? What would you have contributed?

4. What Kind Of Balance Would I Like?
What sort of balance are you looking for? It’s a common excuse to quit, isn’t it? If you want a work/life balance, write it down in your dream job description. If you want a job that gives you time to sit by the beach, sip beer and watch the sunset while the kids can run around collecting seashells, and spend only 30 minutes each day in the office which is a 10 minute walk from the beach…write it down.

5. Am I Willing To Pay The Price?
Everything has a price. So, in your dream job description write down what are you wiling to trade for your dream job? What would be your key considerations? Family? Money? Time? What are these things? Are you willing to relocate and leave your girlfriend behind and risk a break-up if your dream job is in the next country? Put in another way, what are you willing to sacrifice in order to have your dream job?.

5. Grow Into It Or Create It?
Do you grow into your dream job or do you start creating your own dream job? Which means sculpt something that can fit your list of criteria? Especially, if you feel your dream job is very real and achievable. Will your dream job make you a better person? How will it? Or will the search for that dream job make you a worse person because you could be chasing a mirage?

By now, I hope you may realize that a dream job description – the sort that gives you everything from money, fame, time with your family, power, little to no sacrifice – is difficult to write. And I submit to you that even more difficult to find. If it even exists. So, I ask, before you find that dream job, do you do what you love or love what you do?

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