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10 Reasons a Recruiter Can Help Your Job Search

Finding a job can be stressful. Not all people are blessed with the ability to sell themselves well to potential employers. If you find that the search has become frustrating, then working with a recruiter might be the solution to your problem.

A recruiter is a person who can find a suitable job for you. The recruiter’s job is to match your skills and background with an employer’s need. They have connections with various companies within the industry and work with the job seeker and the employer, helping both parties to succeed.

Below are 10 reasons why a recruiter might be right for your job search:

#1—You will be on a pre-screened list of candidates that are fit for the job.

Most companies screen their applicants by reviewing resumes and interviewing them one by one, and the selection process is taxing, especially if there is a hoard of applicants. It takes the company’s human resources staff time to review each resume, and many of the applicants are not even qualified. A shortlist from a recruiter will save the company time, cost, and energy during the hiring process.

#2—A recruiter can promote you to a specialized industry.

Some companies require a technical recruiter, as they can understand the jargon of the technical world. It’s much easier to converse when you speak “the same language.” By presenting your specialization to a certain company, a recruiter can boost your chances of being hired by showcasing your best skills and strengths.

#3—A relationship with a recruiter is not a one-time deal.

It may continue for years, and if you eventually find yourself looking for a job again, the services of a recruiter will come in handy. If you have a good business relationship with a recruiter, it will be easier for you to secure their services, so they can help you find another employment opportunity.

#4—A recruiter can help improve your interview skills.

A recruiter will not recommend you if they think you’re not ready, since it also reflects on how well they refer candidates. The more successful hires they recommend, the better their image and credibility will be with hiring managers of top companies. As a result, they coach their referrals and prepare them as much as possible.

#5—Recruiters enjoy a give-and-take relationship with employers.

Recruiters are usually given information about a job vacancy first, and some are given “for your eyes only” information, especially if the vacancy is for a senior-level or confidential replacement. Searching for the right candidate is also a concern for companies, and recruiters are their go-to people when the need arises. Since recruiters refer candidates that they’ve already interviewed and screened, it saves the company time.

#6—Recruiters have high-level connections within the industry.

Hiring managers do not have the time to review each resume. A recruiter will send only qualified, pre-screened applicants, thereby minimizing the filtering process. Since the recruiter and the company already have a business relationship, most hiring managers trust the recommendations of their recruiters. A recruiter can guarantee that the recommendation is not just another resume to review and to be placed on active file.

#7—A recruiter can guide you through the hiring process.

Since a recruiter already knows the preferences of a certain hiring manager and are probably even conscious of their pet peeves or moods, that recruiter can provide tips on what to expect and how to conduct yourself.

#8—A recruiter can lead you to companies that will compensate you well.

After all, recruiters are paid based upon the base salary of the placed candidate, receiving either a percentage commission on the hiring rate or a percentage commission on the annual rate. Most recruiters will always act in your best interests in terms of compensation, as it will also benefit them in the end.

#9—A recruiter can submit your candidacy in a discreet fashion.

Some job seekers do not want their current employer or other people to know that they are actively looking for a job. A recruiter can keep this confidential. They will always look at the best interests of their client, either an applicant or a company.

#10—A recruiter can be your best ally.

You both have the same goal—for you to land the job of your dreams! Recruiters will not recommend you for a job for which you do not qualify, or if they think you will not be shortlisted. Since most recruiters are paid when a successful candidate is hired, they make sure that the referral is what the company really needs.

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