Not Getting the Job? Here are 5 Reasons Why…

Not Getting the Job? Here are 5 Reasons Why…

You’ve managed to get your foot in the door and land some interviews — maybe even a second or third round of interviews — then silence. You’ve lost the job to someone else. You’re left to beat yourself up over what you did wrong.

The good news: You’re obviously a great candidate with a great resume. You are getting yourself in the door — often the biggest hurdle in a job search.

Now for the not-so-great news. Your process needs needs some fine-tuning. It’s time to reflect on WHY you are not landing the job. Here is an honest look at some factors that are causing you to hit an employment wall.

1. Your branding and self-promotion skills need adjustment.

The first thing a hiring manager will do after reading your resume is to either do a Google search on you, or look you up on LinkedIn. What will he or she see when your social profiles appear? Take some time, particularly in LinkedIn, to build out your profile so that it clearly demonstrates who you are, your brand, and your value. Make sure your profile picture is professional and polished.

Self-promote! Communicate your knowledge, experience, and accomplishments. Yes, it’s okay to brag in these profiles — even though it may not feel natural.

2. You’re not following up correctly.

Are you following up? If so, how often? Connect with the hiring manager either by email or on LinkedIn and thank her/him for the interview or for taking the time to review your resume. Follow up in a week — then stop. You don’t want to look like a pest.

Don’t forget to follow up with your networks as well. Reaching out to colleagues will also help you get your foot in the door and make the most of your job search.

3. You don’t communicate your value during the interview.

The questions that are asked of you during an interview are carefully crafted and all carry the same theme: How can YOU solve their problem?

This is the time to really communicate your value. Talk about your professionalism and dedication. Talk about your experience and accomplishments. Talk about how much you KNOW about the position you are interviewing for. Project confidence and be their solution!

4. Your salary requirements and references are weak.

Take a good hard look at your references. Are they outdated? Are they giving potential employers mediocre feedback and responses. Try freshening up your list of references.

With regard to salary requirements, it’s a tricky balance. You don’t want your terms to make you less competitive — but you need to be sure that you ask what you’re worth. Demonstrate to the employer that you’re serious about the position and flexible with your salary requirements. A hardline may backfire.

5. You’re not asking enough questions.

Guess what? Smart questions impress hiring managers. Go into the interview prepared. Learn everything you can about the company — including its mission, stakeholders, executives, and reputation. Then have a list of genuine questions ready to go.

Assess, reflect, and examine your job search process. With a little detective work, tweaking, and practice you will soon knock their socks off and land the job.




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