I Have An Interview — What Should I Do To Prepare To Win?!?!

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Today we’re going to look at where most people go wrong in an interview. Conventional wisdom says that you go to an interview to answer questions. That’s the problem with conventional wisdom?

It’s easy and convenient, which is why bookstore shelves are creaking under the weight of books with titles like 100 Easy Answers to Tough Interview Questions.

They’re easy and convenient if you can remember all the questions and the appropriate answers or if you can take the book to the interview with you. But that’s not likely.

The good news for you is that so many people read these books and become nervous trying to remember the answers, it really opens the door for you to STAND OUT in the interview.

Here’s another newsflash: if you do get invited to an interview, the job is essentially yours. They wouldn’t waste time talking to you if they didn?t think you could do the job. But you need to get past a few of their fears and doubts, namely:

Your resume is too good to be true and you won’t be able to do the job.
You won’t stick around.
You don’t play well with others.

Thinking about it this way, you’ll quickly realize that most interview questions are designed to expose the real you and see if you are going to let them down in one or more of these critical areas. They KNOW that everyone looks good on paper: no-one ever says they’re average at what they do!

So plus or minus 10% you’ll have the same skills and experience as the other applicants they’ll be interviewing. If you also keep in mind that these other people have probably read all the generic “Interview Questions” books, and they’re busy rehearsing their answers to the expected questions, it actually becomes easy to get the job.

If you doubt me, then consider this example. When an interviewer fires the question “Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?” The other applicants are giving answers straight from the books or what they think an employer wants to hear, right? (Usually some drivel about loyalty or ambition or achievement.)

But imagine the interviewer’s surprise if you answered: “I want to be exactly where I am when I start with you. It’s your job to make sure I don’t get promoted.”

Do you think the interviewer will want to know what you mean? Of course they would! By asking that question, what you’re doing is making it clear you understand that the last thing an interviewer wants is for you to get sick of the position after three months and move on or up. It just means they’ll have to hire someone else to replace you. They want to fill the position for as long as possible.

Show that you understand this by the answers you give, and you’ll fast become their favored applicant! Talk about making you stand out from the crowd! Give insightful answers like this any doubts about you suiting the position will quickly disappear. Other factors to remember in order to stand out from the crowd are:

You need to ask questions too.
You need to know why these guys are in business.
You need to ease their fears and doubts about you.

Remember, you don’t need to memorize lines or second-guess your interviewer. If you can just be yourself and use your new-found interview skills to address their fears and doubts, the job offers will come.

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