Pinpoint Your Perfect Career!!!

Pinpoint Your Perfect Career!!!

Do you feel trapped in your current position?  If you, you’re not alone.  Many people find themselves feeling the same way.  If a person doesn’t love his or her job, work can create undue stress and burn-out.  Further, work-related stress can become unbearable and can cause overall life dissatisfaction.  That is untenable — After all, most people are at work more time than they are asleep — That is too much time to be dissatisfied.

If you feel trapped in your current situation, and really hate what you are doing, here are a new ideas to help you find your perfect career:

1. Analyze Your Options

In analyzing your options, you brainstorm — this is a fantastic strategy that people use all of the time.  In brainstorming, you should write down what interests you and where you think you want to be in question form.  Once you have done that, write out as many answers to those questions as you can.  At minimum, try coming up with at least 10-20 answers for each question.  Although that sounds like a ton of hard work, the key is thinking through the answers — in doing so, you will find that you are able to crystallize what is most important to you.

2. Network With Family and Friends

Network with close friends and family.  In some instances, you will find that these people know you better than you know yourself.  In discussing your current situation — that you need to reinvent your career — ask these close people their thoughts and what they think you might like to do.  Often, family and friends are able easily to identify your strengths and weaknesses and can help you evaluate a new job industry or practice area.

3. Network With Your Greater Network

If feel like your friends and family don’t know as much about your work and your education as your business contacts might, don’t despair.  Instead, reach out to your contacts in your employment network and inquire about their thoughts on your career path.  Again, often, like your family and friends, your business contacts and colleagues see you and your strengths and weaknesses in a way different way.  Once you have reviewed their responses, see if there any common themes.  If there are, figure out what those threads mean to you and your search.

4. Call a Recruiter

If you actively are engaging in a job search, it’s likely you have an updated resume.  If you do, share your resume with a recruiter!  Recruiters, sometimes called headhunters, can help you pinpoint your strengths and, often, can lead you to an opportunity within that area.  Indeed, many people who are searching for new positions in new areas work with recruiters and find that it can lead to a career breakthrough.

5. Use Career Assessment Tools

Career assessment tests often provide unusual insight about career matches and career success.  If you do some internet research, you may be able to find some free tests as well as some that require a fee.   In either event, these tests work through your interests as they ask you many questions about your work experiences, your successes, and your preferences.  In taking these tests, likely, you will discover a new career path to explore.

6. Keep a Journal

Do you ever keep a diary or a journal?  If you do, you might find some common themes.  As you review your own thoughts, you might see some similarities in what you like and what you don’t.  You can use those discoveries to further help you pinpoint your perfect career.

In using these tips, with some self-examination, you likely will be able to find your perfect career.  Good luck!!!

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