Graduate and Professional School Coaching

If you are contemplating graduate/professional school or need advice and guidance on the application process, let a Lexacount Search academic career consultant assist you in finding the best fit in graduate and/or professional schools.  This package will help you determine culture, feasibility and focus.  With this package, you will receive in-depth coaching sessions, which will cover a review of your academic background and materials, including your essays, personal statements, academic transcripts, and standardized test scores, in addition to a review of your resume and cover letter!

Graduate and Professional School Essay Coaching

If you are applying to professional school, or Ph.D. or Masters programs, your personal statement will play a major role in the admissions process.   With this service, a Lexacount Search academic career consultant will work with you on your graduate or professional school essay!  Our experienced admissions consultants will help you understand any performance blocks and will help you discover what you need to do to make your essay or personal statement carry you to the next level.  Further, our consultants will help you accelerate your future!  This package includes assistance in clarifying your goals in pursuing advanced study; and developing, writing and editing effective and polished personal statements and essays.

Dissertation/Academic Coaching

Whether you’ve been struggling to complete your Ph.D. or you’ve lost focus or motivation to write your dissertation, thesis or the great American novel, Lexacount Search and Consulting’s Dissertation/Academic Coaching can give you the structure and support you need to propel yourself toward your graduation date or publication. Focus areas may include goal setting, creating accountability, clarifying motivations, prioritizing and taking action.