Career Coaching-Professional

Let a Lexacount Search career consultant assist you fully with your job search. With this package, you receive an in-depth Telephone Coaching session in addition to our Resume and Cover Letter Review!

Career Coaching-Assessment and Analysis

A Lexacount Search career consultant will spend at least one hour on the telephone coaching and working with you! Our experienced consultants will help you understand any performance blocks and will help you discover what you need to do to make your career accelerate!

Career Coaching-Interviewing and Networking

If you are concerned with how you present yourself in an interview or you don’t know how to answer those challenging questions a potential employer may ask, this package of services will increase your self-confidence and strengthen your interview and presentation skills. Through feedback, advice and mock video interviewing, you’ll gain comfort and practice in order to communicate your skills, experience and professional fit effectively. You’ll also learn how to research employers and prepare for demanding interviews. Accordingly, for one hour, a Lexacount Search career consultant will:

  • Offer career and job search coaching and encouragement
  • Polish interviewing skills
  • Improve networking skills

Career Coaching-Job Hunter

Rather than spinning your wheels with in ineffective, unfocused job search, a Lexacount Search career consultant will help you research and identify up to 30 companies who are potentially likely to hire you.  We will work with you in obtaining the proper contact information and will assist you in submitting a resume!