Career Assessment

If you are actively looking for a new job and are unable to find the right fit, or you know you want to change career paths but are unsure where to start, a Career Assessment with Lexacount Search and Consulting provides you with a process for forward movement that includes formal assessments; evaluation of skills, values and interests; exploration of career options; and the final step of developing an action plan to achieve your goals.

Career Benchmarking

Whether you are managing a career plateau or advancing to the next level or managing your development in your current position, Lexacount Search and Consulting can help you:

  • Managing a non-linear career path
  • Managing a return to the professional world after a break
  • Returning to school after a career
  • Managing graduate school admissions and recent graduation career services
  • Managing a career transition after a layoff or an ROI
  • Career planning after a promotion
  • Career planning after a negative performance review

Career Coaching

If you are dissatisfied with your current job or career and want to make significant changes, or if you enjoy your work but want more opportunities and challenges in your current professional role, Career Coaching with Lexacount Search and Consulting can assist you in clarifying what you want, developing action steps to get there, and making the changes to lead to greater career satisfaction.  We will help you design your career on your terms.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching – If you are already in a leadership role and want to be more effective, or if you are stepping into a new role and want to exceed expectations, Leadership Coaching with Lexacount Search and Consulting can provide you with the support you need. Our areas of focus may include your professional vision, producing results, strategic thinking, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, team development and supervision and giving effective feedback.

Promotion and Transition Coaching

You did it!! If you just were promoted or hired for the biggest job of your career, Promotion/Transition Coaching with Lexacount Search and Consulting can support you in making an impact and adding value as quickly as possible. This coaching program supports you in evaluating your job description and potential challenges; determining your priorities; using your strengths and resources effectively; and developing an action plan for your first year. This program also provides a sounding board for your creative ideas and a catalyst for change.