Should You Double Down On Your End of Year Job Search Activities: What You Should Be Doing Now!

Should You Double Down On Your End of Year Job Search Activities?  What You Should Be Doing Now!

As we all know, any job search can be very stressful!  With each search you undertake, there are a host of stressors—fear that you will not be able to stand out against your competition, fear that you will not find your dream job, anxiety over making an income that can adequately support you and so on. And, to make matters worse, the year is coming to an end rapidly! But, now is not the time to slow your job search and hope for better results next year; in fact, now is the time to double down – to ramp up your job search for the end of the year.  Here, we will provide you with some tips and tools for making the best of your end-of-year job seeking efforts.

1. Become an industry expert – subscribe to industry publications.

Seek out any publications— blogs, magazines, or newsletters—that cater specifically to your field and read them regularly. These publications not only publish articles detailing the latest industry trends, job seeking tips, and other useful resources; depending on the source, they may also mention current open positions. While some of these publications may require a paid subscription, there are several online whose registration requires just an email address. So take advantage of these resources! If anything, you might just gain invaluable knowledge about your trade.

2. Stay current on your professional development.

No matter how well-credentialed or skilled you may be in your practice area, you can never have too many marketable skills.  Indeed, current skills and a love of learning are among the top skills that employers actively seek in job candidates. With this in mind, spend some time before the end of the year teaching yourself something new, preferably a skill that will teach you about a “hot topic.”  For example, learn a skill that educates you about a rapidly evolving technology proficiently. If you need help getting started, search online for tutorials of all types. If you are still able, reach out to your university’s career services and other resource centers. In any case, knowing a new skill will put you ahead of your competition, so be persistent!

3. Update and polish your resume.

Give your resume another thorough review. Even if you are certain that every detail is up-to-date, you may catch errors or instances of imprecision that you had overlooked before. Consider your past experiences: jobs, internships, research, publication, and beyond. Does your resume adequately and concisely explain how these experiences helped shape you professionally? Do you show how with specific, concrete examples and explain what you did just as thoroughly? If not, you may consider revamping your resume to reflect better your skills and marketable qualities.

4. Polish your interview skills.

Your interviewing skills can never be too polished—especially if you have not been on a formal interview in some time. You may find such opportunities at your university’s career center (if you still have access to such resources) or at community centers such as libraries or employment offices or the industry recruiter working with you on your job search. While the questions these interviewers ask may not be directly relevant to your specific industry, you will still benefit with the practice, as the mock interviews mimic the atmosphere and types of questions you can expect the next time you have a real interview. Not to mention, mock interviewers tend to rate you according to a rubric and might be able to give you solid feedback and advice on your interview skills. What do you have to lose? Better to learn of your weaknesses now and fix them accordingly before you score the real deal!

5. Apply to five new jobs every week.

Use job boards and social media to seek out positions that interest you and for which you have the ideal qualifications/skills and apply. Make sure that your resume and cover letter are personalized for each position; do not blindly send out the same form cover letter to every employer. Employers often can see right through such tactic and may regard it as careless, assuming that you are not actually interested in the position. Moreover, while you should apply widely and go into your job search with an open mind, do not apply blindly—meaning, shooting off your resume and a cover letter for every position you stumble across. Make sure you read the job descriptions and requirements thoroughly so that you understand what will be expected of you should you be hired.

6. Update social media profiles with your current position and your interests.

Your online professional persona can enhance your image and entice employers to learn more about you—or it can drive them away. If you have any social media profiles, take some time to review them. Do the pictures you have posted portray you favorably? Do you display the ability to communicate in Standard English? Above all else, is your information up-to-date and accurately portray what you have done in the past and what you are doing now? If you cannot truthfully answer yes to any of these questions, polish your profiles! Even if they are generally presentable and professional, consider adding new information that employers might want to know—such as any recent awards, research, or skills learned.

If you follow these tips, even when you are feeling unmotivated, you will be well on your way to finding the perfect position.

Good luck!!

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