Struggling to Remember People’s Names? — Here’s One Simple Way to Make Sure it Never Happens Again


How many times have you found yourself standing face-to-face with someone you have met before, but you can’t remember their name? The fast-paced digital world we live in bombards us with so much information, it’s no wonder we can’t remember all the bits and bytes and names that cross our desks each day.

Still, even with our brains in constant overdrive, there is no excuse for forgetting the name of someone you should know. One of the best ways to ensure a name sticks in your memory is to follow-up once you have met someone new (and whom you want to establish a working relationship with.)

The truth is, most people don’t follow up very well. It’s probable that about 95% of your peers don’t even do it. Yet, follow-up is the KEY to networking success in any field!

Making sure a new acquaintance remembers your name (and the great impression you gave them) is a process you should set in motion right after you have met someone. Give yourself between 12-24 hours after an initial meeting to follow-up with an email. Don’t remind them what they can do for you, but focus on what you might be able to do for them. Nine times out of ten, the person will casually write back – and a potentially important networking relationship will be born!

Another effective way to follow up is to bookmark and send links to relevant articles to people in your network who might be interested. By doing this, you are showing that you are thinking of them and the issues they are facing.

Other follow-up reminders:

  • Be brief and to the point.
  • Timeliness is key. Do not wait too long after a first meeting to follow up.
  • Don’t forget to follow-up with those who have acted as the go-between for you and someone else. Let the original referrer know how the conversation went.
  • Light jokes and signs of having a sense of humor are alway welcome in a follow-up email.

Make follow-up a habit. When you do, the days of struggling to remember people’s names – and of other people struggling to remember yours – will be a thing of the past.


Jacqueline Hill, Esq.

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