Is It Talent Or Skills That Gets You The Job?

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In this article I want to talk about talent. You see, jobs that use your TALENTS are far more rewarding than finding a job that utilises just your skills and experiences. Just because you may have a degree in marketing does not mean you have a TALENT for it.

Talent is another reason why people with little or no experience are getting jobs over people with resumes packed with experience. It is also the reason why people with a checkered work history (being fired or moving around a lot) are getting jobs easily despite these blemishes.

How talent is different from a skill…

Most people applying to the same job will have the same skills and experience but you can use talent to make you stand out from the crowd.

If you owned a trendy restaurant and needed a chef, do you want a creative chef who can produce award winning food or a chef who can cater for large groups and functions?

Now suppose you own a function room where you do lots of weddings and groups. Do you want a creative trendy chef or a chef who can churn out good food for large numbers of people?

Chefs all have cooking as a skill or experience listed in their resumes but what differentiates them is their talent. Now here’s the key… a resume does not give you the opportunity to highlight your talent. You need a cover letter for that.

When we look at our clients with checkered work histories (they’ve been fired, had too many jobs or unrelated jobs) we often find it’s because they’ve been in jobs that simply do not use their talents. In fact we find that most people don’t quit jobs, they quit managers… the sort of managers that stifle creativity or create a work environment that crushes your spirit.

If you have a talent for external sales and your manager decides you should spend more time on phone sales, it won’t take long for you to become disgruntled, your sales will start to fall off and you’ll leave or get fired.

The upshot of all this is simple: take some time to think about what your talent really is, and figure out how to get a job that utilizes it.

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