These Are The Worst Mistakes To Make At Work . . .

Here Are The Reasons Why!

Everybody makes mistakes. In fact, it is part of being human! That said, when it comes to workplace blunders, there are a few you might want to go the extra mile to avoid. Fortunately, many of these mistakes are not the result of honest work; they tend to occur when a person goes out of the way to be hurtful or manipulative toward their coworkers. Nonetheless, it is important to be aware of such issues so that you can be sure you never commit them. In this post, we will look at several workplace mistakes that you should avoid at all cost and why.

1. Backstabbing

Nobody likes to feel betrayed, especially by colleagues whom you once thought you could trust to act productively and ethically. Most honest people do not set out to stab their coworkers in the back.  However, when it comes to making important decisions that can benefit you greatly, anyone may be tempted to shy away from doing what is the right thing in the long run. Nevertheless, these actions can hurt your work friends and make the professional dynamic seem all the more strained.  Furthermore, you might unintentionally backstab in an attempt to avoid conflict. But, instead of acting dubiously to avoid issues, it is better to confront the issues upfront with your coworkers before they manifest as irreparable issues. The bottom line? Do all you can to be on your colleagues’ side rather than be against them. It will make your career a lot more worthwhile.

2. Gossiping

Like backstabbing, gossip might arise with harmless intentions: simple idle chitchat to pass the time at work with your coworkers. But, you need to be careful what you say if you want to avoid a toxic work environment. Think about it: do you want to work someplace where your every small misdeed is mocked behind your back, at your expense? It is hard to work to your best potential when such non-constructive pressure hangs over you, so try not to create it. Not to mention, by regularly bringing up other people’s faults, you risk coming off as spiteful, negative, and insecure—somebody who has trouble worrying about their own work.

3. Taking credit for somebody else’s work.

Everybody likes to get credit for a carefully written report or innovative idea. When we accomplish something meaningful and get recognized for it, we feel motivated to keep working hard and exceeding expectations. With this in mind, be honest about your own work and others’. Never try to claim someone else’s work as your own. Not only is it disrespectful to the person from whom you are stealing, it also shows others that you are unwilling to do the work necessary to accomplish your own feats and that you have integrity issues. These are not good traits to have in any work environment.

4. Being unnecessarily harsh or behaving violently

Honesty and constructive criticism are one thing. After all, everybody needs a little straightforward feedback from a trusted colleague from time to time. What is not acceptable is tearing people down for no other reason other than to build yourself up. Moreover, you need to know how to channel your anger and frustration professionally. This means that throwing things, screaming, and insulting people are out of the question. Such behavior rarely reaps results. At best, you will get a stern talking-to from your supervisor. At worst—especially if you have a history of outbursts—you will be shown the door.

5. Constantly complaining about your job

You might not like everything about your job all the time, and that is okay. In fact, you might even hate it and always actively looking for better. That is fine as well—but do not go to work broadcasting it every day. By doing this, you create a negative atmosphere that lowers the general productivity and morale of everybody else. Not to mention, you never know when your boss may be listening—and he or she may have no problem getting a replacement if it ever came down to that.

6. Bragging

It is good to take pride in your work and recognize when you have done an exceptional job. It is not so good to brag insistently about your successes to the point that you never speak of anything else. People tend to be much more impressed with those who are humble, who can take credit for their work while remaining productive and helpful toward others. Gloating all the time makes you seem insecure. Sometimes people might assume that you showboat to compensate for consistent low performance.

7. Lying

Not every lie is told out of malice. Sometimes you really do want to product a worker’s feelings or standing with your boss. That said, it is better to be truthful and to constructively address problems before they get out of hand. Covering them up with lies may only make things more difficult for you in the future.

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