Top 5 Reasons Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments Should Use Legal Recruiting Firms to Find Top Talent

Today, there are human capital and talent resources available that simply did not exist even a decade ago for law firms and corporate legal departments. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to hiring new partners, counsel, associates, in-house counsel or other legal professionals. Most law firms and corporate legal departments use their own websites, on-line career sites, and other social media tools for recruiting. All of those internet or passive tools are fantastic, but when a law firm or corporate legal department is looking to hire top talent, both will be better off using a legal recruiter. A legal recruiter with the human connection can more effectively and more quickly source and find top talent. As a result, the best option is to work with a professional legal recruitment firm like Lexacount Search.

At Lexacount Search, our legal recruiters are seasoned professionals (often holding JDs), with specific legal or other professional services practice experience. These recruiters understand the law firm or corporate legal department hiring and professional development process. Further, they are intimately acquainted with business metrics and the business of law firms or corporate legal departments. When working on a search, these recruiters advocate for you. Indeed, because of the background and practice experience of our legal recruiting team, we possess all of the tools necessary to assist you in finding the perfect individual to fit your practice needs and firm/corporate culture. Simply put, when we undertake a search for you, our goal is to improve the law firm or corporate legal department practice management by recruiting the best talent. As a result, the following are top five benefits your law firm will enjoy when working with Lexacount Search:

• Efficiency – As a top recruiting firm, we have a database of talented individuals in every legal practice area where we specialize. When you engage Lexacount Search, often, we can have a qualified candidate ready for an interview the very next day. You do not have to worry about wasting time posting a job to the online sites and waiting for people to find it; we do all of the legwork for you. Your in-house recruiting department will save hours of time working with an experienced legal recruiter, and, in the business world, time is money.

• Only Deal with Qualified Individuals – When law firms or corporate legal departments post to their own websites, job boards and/or other aggregators, the in-house recruiting department must then sort through a large amount of unqualified applicant resumes. In fact, in today’s economy, most law firms and corporate legal departments are finding that they receive hundreds or even thousands of applicants for every posted job. It can take weeks to review a huge stack of resumes to find the qualified candidates. Using an outside recruiting firm, such as Lexacount Search, eliminates that time and money drain because we will complete this work on the front end; you only have to review and interview top candidates we present, who already have been pre-qualified and vetted.

• Access to Top Candidates from Around the World – When you post a new position on most online sites, it will only be displayed to people who are specifically searching for jobs in your geographic location. Lexacount Search has attorney (partner, counsel, and associate) candidates at the top of their practice areas from around the world that are willing to relocate for the right job. As a result, for many of your top level or difficult to full positions, we can provide the perfect candidate and will provide the perfect method to persuade the highest level of talent into taking an interest in your firm.

• Pre-Screened Candidates – There are few things more frustrating than going through a preliminary review of a candidate’s materials and finding the person you want to hire after a review of the paper application, only to have that candidate fail in the interview process because of a substantive or practice experience deficit or because cultural fit. When you work with Lexacount Search, the candidates presented to you have been pre-screened or interviewed. Our recruiting team fully reviews and vets each candidate’s experience at the highest level. The candidates that you see will meet your substantive and firm/corporate culture requirements. As a result, you will not have to waste time with candidates who are unqualified or who would not be a good fit.

• Top Talent Works with Recruiters – The most talented and in demand partners, counsel, and associates today know that they can find the best jobs only when they work with a good recruiter. From the law firm perspective, intuitively, law firm management knows that it will not find the most experienced or the best partners, counsel or associates or in-house counsel browsing through on-line job search websites. Conversely, high-caliber, highly sought-after candidates know that they can find the best jobs only through working with a recruiter. That is why it is critical that law firms and corporate legal departments retain a top recruiting firm, like Lexacount Search. Lexacount Search will represent the firm’s/corporation’s interests with the best legal talent worldwide, not just with the legal talent who applied. A search must start where the top talent congregates – a top recruiting firm like Lexacount Search.

In conclusion, a top recruiting firm such as Lexacount Search can help law firms and corporate legal departments find top talent more quickly and more efficiently. And, as a result of these efficiencies, Lexacount Search will improve the bottom line. Lexacount Search finds the best talent globally, not just the talent who expresses an interest or who is available. For more detailed information about our law firm and corporate legal department recruiting services and how we can help you, please contact Lexacount Search at,, or 215-740-0104.

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Jacqueline Hill is a partner at Lexacount Search. She has been with Lexacount Search since its inception, placing top senior-level and other legal talent with law firms and corporate legal departments across the United States. She can be reached at or 215-740-0104.

Finally, I am particularly grateful for Marly Roche’s hard work and research assistance. This posting would not have been possible without her exploration of this topic area.

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