Using a Recruiter: The Candidate’s Perspective

For most, when embarking on a quest for a new position, the goal is to find a job that is compatible with your educational background, previous work experience, and your preferred industry.  However, there are other aspects of the job search to consider when hunting for a new position.  For example, if you have an outgoing personality and enjoy interacting with other people, a job where you where you are forced to sit in a cubicle all day likely will not be suitable.  Naturally, any job seeker would prefer to land a job in a company with a culture that is harmonious with his or her personality.  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for an eager applicant to accept a job that he or she believes to match his or her knowledge, skills, and abilities, but then later realize that he or she may not be a fit with the company.  This analysis will lead to employee dissatisfaction.  And, as we all know, unhappiness at work can have a significant impact on productivity and career success.   To prevent this from happening, a candidate can get better information if he or she works with a recruiter/headhunter.

The Chinese philosopher Confucius once said, “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”  Everyone would love to have a job that he or she enjoys, with a company atmosphere that where he or she feels comfortable.  The best way to find a new position that fits with both your skills and personality is to use a headhunter or recruiter.  A recruiter’s role is to help you, the candidate, find the best available position for your skills and experience.  In addition to working with candidates, recruiters also work with companies to find quality candidates to fill open positions.  In both of these roles, recruiters match the experience, personalities, and interests of prospective employees with an organization’s culture, and organization that they know well.  In working with recruiters, both candidates and corporations realize benefits.  As discussed more fully below, potential employees get access to years of in-depth knowledge about potential employers.  Employers get the best candidates – candidates whose skills and personalities best match their organizational culture.  As a result, many companies utilize recruiters because they realize that they get a better return on their employee search investment using recruiters because the candidates are a better match.

Conversely, the same holds true for candidates.  For a job seeker, the benefits of using a headhunter are immeasurable.  Candidates have more information and better access to key decision makers at prime employers.   Further, in a competitive job market, using a recruiter can set you apart from the immense piles of faceless applications.  When a candidate decides to use a recruiter, he or she essentially hands over the “dirty work” of looking for job that fits by working with a skilled professional with boundless connections and networks.  First, from a personal perspective, the recruiter will get to know you, the candidate.  Your recruiter will pick your brain to gain knowledge on your interests and desires related to a new position.  He or she will want to find out what you are looking for in a job or, if applicable, what you are unhappy with at your current job.  Your personal strengths and weaknesses may also be something he or she explores.  After getting to know you, your skills, and any job-related preferences you may have, a headhunter gets to work.  Surprisingly, this step is one of the largest time investments that you will make during the whole process.

Further, your recruiter will have access to a huge amount of information and a large number of job listings that are not publicly listed.  Not all companies want available positions to be posted on publicly available job boards.  Using a recruiter gives you, as the candidate, the opportunity to be in consideration for these positions that you would not otherwise have known about.  In addition, perhaps you are currently employed and do not want your employer to know that you are looking for a new job.  The confidentiality of a recruiter can save you from the awkward conversation that may come after a co-worker or boss sees your resume on a job search site.  Recruiters also network with other recruiters. Therefore, if your personal recruiter is not working on a job that fits all of your desires, another recruiting team member or contact may.  Knowing that your ultimate goal is to land a job, a recruiter will be working for you, which is beneficial.

Finally, using a recruiter opens doors that you would not know existed, had you relied purely on job search sites like Monster or Career Builder.  In working with a recruiter, you have more options.  With more choices, you have an increased likelihood of matching your skills and experience with a job that suits not just your skills, but your organizational culture preferences as well.  If flexible scheduling, “dress down Fridays”, or perhaps on-site fitness center options are what is important to you in a job, a recruiter can help you find it.  Scoring that perfect job that makes you truly happy can positively affect your job satisfaction, productivity, as well as your life outside the workplace.  There is no price on happiness.

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Finally, I am particularly grateful for Marly Roche’s hard work and research assistance.   This posting would not have been possible without his exploration of this topic area.

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