What Millennials Want From Work

If you’re a manager or if you lead a team, you may have surveyed your personnel and thought something similar to the following:

“I can figure out the gunners and the super-ambitious types; I know who got the job as a favor to the biggest client; and I can identify the sycophants, the train-wrecks, and the office ‘dinosaurs’ . . . but I can’t figure out the Millennials. What do they want?”

If that’s the case, you’re not alone. As more and more young people enter the workforce, those who work with them are asking the same question and they need answers to maintain a smooth working environment. Coming to an understanding about what Millennials want and need out of work and life will make for a better environment for everybody.

Below are four things that Millennials generally believe about their work life:

  1. Corporations are only interested in profit and the bottom line.
  2. They believe they can make corporate life “more humane.”
  3. When their talents are not acknowledged, they feel under-utilized.
  4. They want to work for organizations that have a social conscience.

Deloitte, the second largest professional services network in the world, recently surveyed 7,800 Millennials in 29 countries to gauge their feelings on initiative and how business functions influence society. This survey shed further light on what Millennials want from their work and professional life.

Around 60% of survey respondents indicated that they selected their current employer to some degree because of the organization’s “feeling of reason.”

There were some interesting results concerning the survey’s section on sexual orientation. A little over 20% of women felt that their abilities and initiative were recognized less then men. In addition, 59% of men indicated that they might want to land a top position within their organization, as compared to 47% of women who shared that same desire.

There was also a contrast between Millennials in terms of developing markets. Those in more developed nations were less intrigued by working for bigger organizations (35%). However, they were more intrigued by holding top employment positions (65%).

As more Millennials enter the workforce, it will only become more important to figure out exactly what this generation wants—from both their career and their employer. It represents the best way to attract, hire, and manage them . . . not to mention keep them happy and productive.

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