Is Work Life Balance Any Good? Here’s How You Can Be Certain.

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Work-Life: Striking a Balance

Life has the tendency to come up with different chapters every day, be it home, school or work. It tends to wear you out with duties as well as chores. The cut-throat competition in the outside world is no less of a humongous task for working professionals who aspire to grow in their fields. Everyday turns into a battle to accomplish our to-do list and meet expectations. When it comes to outshining competition, one desires financial stability.


A lot of people dream about a big house, a stable bank balance, and international excursions with family and friends. However, for that, one needs to work really hard. Problem arises when individuals spend most of their time working so hard, they forget to enjoy the ‘very life’ they are currently leading. You can be a working mom, a university drop-out or a single father. The ingredient of success lies in prioritising your responsibilities as and when they pop up. By laying out appropriate rules and by maintaining a proper work-life balance, you can feel happy, pleased and stress-free.

So what does it truly take to master this technique?

Well, movement in your lives that gets you towards improvement and goals is what creates ‘Balance’. It’s all about the adrenaline and excitement that keeps you going. It gives you that peace of mind at the end of the day and makes you realise you haven’t wasted time and energy. You know for a fact that you have identified where you want be and have really done something about it rather than just contemplating and aging through another day. This momentum created by improvement inspires us to do much better the following day. Personally and professionally, you always have room for improvement, new adventure, ingenuity as well as new growth.

Find Happiness

A good way to combat stress, burn-out and acquire a feeling that your life is truly balanced is knowing what you have to do and what makes you really happy. You need to persistently seek improvement in some areas of your life. This is extremely essential since there are some parts of life that tend to get worse with time. The fact of aging will eventually make you realise that health becomes more of a challenge and responsibilities and uncertainties of life will never stop. On the contrary, they tend to grow as you get older. Many a times, complications seep in when you don’t put in continuous efforts towards progress and inadvertently spend most of your time and huge efforts in maintaining and trying to stay where you are without losing ground. This results in resentment, burn-out, and stress.

From paying utility bills, submitting reports, keeping up with endless emails, attending long board meetings, your daily maintenance task list has all the ingredients to hassle you. You wake up the next day and this is what you do all over again. This leaves absolutely no time for improvement and growth in life. You need to step back, take a deep breath and shift gears a bit. Spare some time and make a bucket list of goals, big or small, that could and would, improve the quality of your life. See where you want to be in terms of your profession as well as your personal life.

Organise & Use A Calendar

Go through the list every day and start with baby steps to achieve one of them in your calendar each day. Schedule time for those English classes you always wanted to, find a mentor, write an article, get in touch with a financial advisor, hit the gym, organise a barbeque party for friends at home, etc. Movement towards improvement and goals, no matter how small those steps are, will keep you from burn-out, improve not just your professional or personal life, but your entire life. It’s all about balance surviving today along with progressing in the direction of a better tomorrow.

Achieving Balance

This is what really crafts the feeling of balance and this is not something that you get from an employer or something you attain by tracking time you spend working as opposed to not working. If you know how to identify ways in which you long to improve all the time, you then have a credible claim in striking a balance.

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