Yikes! I Have a Consulting Interview and It’s Supposed To Be a Group Case Interview! What Do I Do?

How to Manage a Group Case Interview

In an earlier post, we reviewed tips for managing and mastering the Case Interview process.  As a result, if it is a general Business Case Interview, you should have a number of tips that will help you get started and get prepared.  However, what happens if the firm changes the format?  What if the firm wants you to interview with other candidates in a Group Case Interview?  Fear not!  Here are some tips to manage the Group Case Interview!

Although very few consulting firms used the Group Case Interview in the past, currently, the Group Case Interview has risen in popularity.  Why? Firms use the group setting to evaluate how candidates will work together with very little information as a team.  So, how does it work?  With the Group Case, the firm gathers two and five applicants.  The firm presents those candidates with the same case at the same time and the group is expected to work together and present their discoveries/issues/solutions in approximately 60 minutes.  In some cases, the firm will require that the group make decisions for the final presentation by consensus.   As the group works through the problem, a couple of the firm’s interviewers will maintain a watchful eye.   Above all, firms remind candidates that, although the positions are competitive, it is not a direct competition – all of the candidates interviewing in the group can get an offer or none – it is not as if only one person from the group will be eligible and the rest will be rejected.

When you go into a group interview, keep your wits about you.  Always maintain composure and confidence.  And, be firm, but cooperative.  Don’t steamroll the other candidates, but, don’t be a wallflower either.  Also, don’t be too laid back!  You want to listen to others but still make sure that your voice is heard and that it shows that you are capable of complex analysis – you want to show that you are doing “heavy lifting.”  Further, you still want to present your best interviewing self!  And, to the extent possible, have fun or try to look like you are having fun!  The evaluators want to see a candidate who is nice, thoughtful, incredibly intelligent, and fun – overall, a great team-member!

Good luck!!


(These Group Case Interview tips were excerpted from Vault’s Guide to the Case Interview, which also highlights Case Interview preparation additional information.)


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