You Have Lots of Offers: How Do You Choose the Best Next Company for You?

You Have Lots of Offers:  How Do You Choose the Best Next Company for You?

Q:  “I have got a problem. I have multiple job offers in my hand. I have gone over all the issues involved. But, I am unable to decide which one is just perfect for me!  How do I decide?”

A:  This is definitely a fantastic and complex situation for any candidate, especially considering today’s economy. But nonetheless, it is a problem, and one you need to solve ASAP. When you have multiple offers, you don’t want to accept just any job.  If you do, you might find yourself in the situation where, once the honeymoon is over, you find that you made a terrible mistake.

So, where do you start?

Ask The Right Questions!

First, ask the right questions!  You might want to consider following questions:

  • Why am I changing my current job?
  • How the skills developed in the potential new job, would impact my next job search?
  • How the size and the culture of this company will impact my goals?
  • How is the company and how are the managers are known to treat employees?

At the heart of these suggestions is the question: “why are you changing your current job?”  In reviewing the answer, are there any red flags about a potential bad fit?  Once you understand that, it will help you make your decision and help you to understand exactly what you expect from your new job.  Also, as you review, consider how this new position might affect your ability to advance in your career.  In most circumstances, unless you are close to retirement, this won’t be your last career move.  Accordingly, it’s important to determine if this new position can add to your professional development and marketability next time you look for a new job. If the opportunity you are considering does not offer training and skills development opportunities, you may find yourself in a low-end job.  In that situation, it will become increasingly difficult find a new job because you do not have marketable skills.

Learn More About The Company

You may also want to know more about the company, its culture, and the manager. It is tricky to get exact idea about how your new manager treats employees. Social media, like LinkedIn would help here. Find connections on LinkedIn who work or have worked with this company and your prospective manager. Talk to them, dig in some information. Some online research may save you from making a bad choice.


Finally, brainstorm! Create a list, in priority order, of all the things that are fundamentally important to you.  This list may include chances for professional development and promotion, compensation, company culture, work-life flexibility, schedule control, and organization stability.  Now think about each item and the extent to which each job opportunity would fulfill each of your prioritized factor.  In most circumstances, the position which fulfills the majority of the concerns on your list is your perfect choice.  Remember, although you may have some anxiety, risk is an inevitable part of involved in any decision making process. Good luck!

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